Corporate Policy

It is the policy of Integral Containment Systems Inc. to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all personnel. To achieve this goal, every reasonable effort shall be made to manage all activities and programs utilizing the principles of accident and loss prevention. We are committed to “Safety First” with proactive participation from management and every employee. Our Occupational Health and Safety Program are extended to everyone with potential exposure to chemical or physical hazard: including subcontractors, visitors, regulatory agency personnel, site owners and their representatives. All members of our team are ultimately responsible for their own safety by complying with legislative, company and industrial standards as well as prompt reporting of all unsafe acts or conditions to supervisors for immediate action and solution requirements. We are committed to constant and continual improvement in safety performance and management. The success of our Occupational Health & Safety Program requires the dedication, commitment, involvement and participation of all personnel working together to achieve our established goals.