Inflatable Structure

Sale, Installation, and Rental

Integral Containment has offered shrink wrapping and rigid frame structures since inception and a few years ago we saw a huge advantage in the inflatable structure segment. Modern technology and versatile materials have made these shelters a very viable option for many applications. Lower your bottom line and talk to us about these temporary structures.

Lower Costs

Save on costs with inflatable structures that are setup quickly, energy efficient, and low maintenance. Our structures are rapid deployment solutions for industrial applications and commercial events.

Designed with near impenetrable materials, our inflatable structures are durable, well maintained, and are sure to give you the temporary shelter you need.

Inflatable industrial structures
Available in many styles

Reduce Setup Time

Inflatable Structures are the fastest and most cost effective way to construct an unobstructed clear span building. Integral Containment’s structures are also highly energy efficient — utilizing features such as air control systems, optional inner wall liners and floor coverings to help reduce energy costs.

The added benefit to our Inflatable Air Structures is that we can construct your building in a matter of weeks — not months — at a cost that is often a third of conventional buildings. Plus, Integral’s structures leave virtually no environmental impact!

Benefits of Inflatable Structures

  • Increased productivity with lower overhead costs (rapid deployment system)
  • Creates an almost instant working space with a controlled environment
  • Highly customizable
  • No interior columns, creating an open floor plan design
  • Exceptionally portable
  • Environmentally friendly — no visible scars left on the landscape after relocation of the tent setup

Inflatable Structure Features

  • Tent with air columns, covers
  • Zipper doorways
  • Windows
  • Air blowers
  • Anchor pins
  • Tie-down ratchet straps
  • Installation & care manual
  • Storage bag

Add-Ons Include:

  • Automatic air control system
  • Inner wall liner to increase R-value
  • Concrete tie-down blocks
  • Colour selection
  • Floor coverings
  • Air lock entry system