Tension Enclosure Systems


Tension Enclosure System

The (T.E.S.) enclosure system tarps can also be erected without scaffolding. This is done by anchoring the tarps to tensioned 5/16” cable supports using a special connector called the EC 101, as shown below. The T.E.S. conforms precisely to the shape of the structure with connection points engineered to uniformly distribute the wind load. The interlocking modular panels form an integral weather seal, which also maximizes heat retention. Our T.E.S tarps are available with a flame retardant grade material (RPE 15 FR) that meets the NFPA 701 (L) scale test method and passes the CAN/ULC S-109 test.

Power Clad System

Power Clad System is a Scrim Reinforced Fabric system with reinforcing bands laminated on the base fabric. These bands have Pre-punched holes or eyelets at regular intervals to allow the ties (attachment hardware) to pass through to secure the sheet to the scaffolding.
The Tie is an elasticized rope with two ends; at one end there is a hook and at the other end there is a toggle.

  • Available in two widths: 7’ 4” and 14’ 5”
  • Roll Lengths: 136’ and 100’ respectively
  • Flame Retardant
  • UV Treated
  • Installs both Horizontally or Vertically on scaffolding