Our company has many years of experience planning and installing scaffolding for Alberta’s largest companies. Regardless of whether your project is large or small we can provide you with a full service option to erect and dismantle your project scaffolding.

Are you looking for sales or rentals? Simply call us and we will provide you with a quote. However, if you are still planning your project than provide us with your 3D models and we can add your scaffolding to the plan ensuring the correct amount is ordered. Our planners will also identify potentially troublesome areas in advance and plan around them with contingencies and other time-saving measures.

Integral Containments and our scaffolding services make us an excellent partner is industrial projects and commercial development.

Free and Accurate Estimates

With a complete understanding of many different types of modelling software, our team can quickly determine your scaffolding requirements and provide you an estimate that has exactly what you need saving you substantial costs.

Installation & Removal Services

We erect and dismantle everything we rent/sell. Our scaffolding crew has a lot of experience in the business and works safely and quickly. If you don’t require these services, but would like drop-off and pick-up services, than we can offer that as well.

Sales and Rentals

Do you know what you want? We sell and rent scaffolding and can provide you with our rates once we understand your requirements. If you are interested in purchasing or renting than contact us to learn more.