Shrink Wrapping Services

Now Serving Western Canada

Are you looking to winterize your site or equipment in Alberta or BC? Our fire-retardant, puncture resistant, thermoplastic coverings will protect your assets. Integral Containment is ideal for cold weather, hazardous containment, and many other industrial applications listed below.

We have been in the Construction industry since 1973 and have been pioneering the Shrink Wrap and Containment industry since 1993, our owner was one of the first in Canada to start using and developing all the installation technologies which are used today, with over 24 years in the business there are no problems we cannot solve, making us the go-to provider in the industry.

What is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap is a fire retardant, puncture resistant, thermoplastic film formulated with linear and low-density, heat-sensitive resins. We use a proprietary blend of virgin resins and fractional melt polyethylene which results in uniform bi-axial shrinking and super strength. Our shrink wrap shrinks up to 25%  to form a drum-tight weatherproof barrier around any object. It also contains hindered amine and ultra violet inhibitors (UVI) to protect against sun damage and also contains Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) to retain elasticity and to prevent brittleness in extreme cold. The film is Fire Rated (NFPA 701) (ULC 109S) reducing the propagation of burn holes. Our white shrink wrap provides shadow-free lighting letting in around 75% of natural light during the day and reflects 100% of ambient light from the inside providing a safe and secure working environment.

Shrink-Wrap Features:

Industrial & Commercial Uses:

How Does Shrink Wrap Work?

Using a shrink wrap cover at the base of the scaffolding or a building structure for example, the wrap creates an enclosure. It surrounds the structure entirely and can lock onto a roof or other support such as a parapet or steel beam. The shrink wrap is blasted with a propane flame gun shrinking and tightening wherever the flame passes over it. Your containment can also be constructed with zippered access doors, hatches, inspection ports and vents to reduce moisture build up and to accommodate negative air machines.

Shrink wrap containments are convenient, 100% recyclable and offer long lasting protection from severe weather conditions. They are extremely durable and can be water and airtight (when requested). It can be easily repaired by our quick response team if vandalized or damaged.